cleveland biotech

Septic Tank Management

Biogest is a natural, yet effective, septic tank activator.

Biogest restores the biological balance to your septic tank or soak away, solving problems with over loading, odours, blocked or water logged soak aways.

Regular use of Biogest will also reduces the frequency of septic tank cleaning.

biogest sachets - septic tank treatment

52 pre-dosed sachets of Biogest. One for every week of the year. Easy to use, just pop in the loo.1 year supply

biogest powder - septic tank blockage treatment

A large tub of power Biogest; enough for one year. Just add one scoop each week (scoop supplied) to the loo.1 year supply


biogest liquid - septic tank and soakway blockage treatment

A conveniently sized bottle of Biogest; simply tip and pour into loo once a week. Enough for one year.1 year supply

biogest sachets - septic tank and soak away blockage treatment

6 pre-dosed sachets of Biogest. Enough for 6 weeks of regular use. Easy to use, just pop in the loo.1 month supply

ecoloo sachets - camping and portable toilet smell remover

Ideal for extended trips or just to keep in your caravan for shorter visits. Ideal for canal boats too.1 month supply